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Digital Marketing for Ecommerce

Generate revenue across digital touchpoints with targeted advertising campaigns.

Find your customers, wherever they are

It’s competitive out there. Wherever your customers are online, there are dozens of other retailers vying for their attention and their dollars. It takes experience, knowledge, and patience to find your niche, draw people in and convert them into your customers.

Partner with a digital marketing agency that knows how to generate e-commerce revenue. First, we identify your market, then we bring customers along every step of your conversion funnel: from awareness to consideration to conversion. Every phase requires its own strategy, tools, and tactics. Let us show you how it’s done.

Depending on your business, your industry and your target audiences, the digital marketing tactics our agency will put in place might change. But, here are a few tactics we recommend for electronic commerce retailers trying to make their mark.

Digital Display Advertising

All retailers have a hard time getting their name out there. Most e-commerce industries are highly-competitive. That’s why our ecommerce ad agency focuses on brand awareness, to generate sales. Digital Display Advertising is a great way to serve ads to the right people, on a variety of websites. Our digital ecommerce agency takes advantage of a wide inventory, creatives placements, and a usually low CPC to show your brand across the web.

Google Shopping Ads

Showcase your product inventory to users browsing the web or searching for a specific item. Shopping Ads are more than a text ad, they show photos, product description, price, store name and more. Shopping Ads give a strong sense of the product you’re selling, therefore bringing high-intent and relevant traffic to your ecommerce store.

Remarketing Across Platforms

If a user has been to your website, but didn’t convert, don’t throw the towel just yet. Nowadays, this behavior is more than common. Users browse the web, add products to their cart, and engage with content without buying. Remarketing (or retargeting) on social media or search engines is an effective way to reengage users that didn’t follow through with their purchase, but shown interest in your products (add items to their shopping carts, went to check-out, looked at goods or services, etc.).

Paid Search Advertising

Increase traffic to your online store through paid search advertising (also known as Search Engine Marketing). Our paid media agency has extensive experience in finding keywords that resonate with your brand and your product, optimizing your text ads, writing engaging copy and driving sales.

Amazon Ads

E-commerce businesses shouldn’t think of Amazon as a competitor. They should see Amazon as another opportunity to advertise to users ready to buy. Amazon lets your brand advertise your products through Sponsored Product or Sponsored Brand Ads. Read our beginner’s guide on Amazon Ads here.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is about improving search engines ranking (and beating your competitors) and increasing user experience on your website. Our SEO experts will guide you through technical website optimization, content creation and increasing your online authority for more search engine love.
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